Joining the Gym

How do I join? +


How much is allGym per month? +


Can I cancel my membership at any time? +


This is a fantastic offer, what is the catch? +


Do you do day passes? +


What is the minimum age to join allGym? +


Can I delay the start of my membership? +


What's included in the joining fee? +


Does allGym have a corporate scheme? +


Do you offer a NHS or Student discount? +


Is personal training available? +




Can I pay by cash or card? +


Can I set up my direct debit with a non-UK bank account? +


When does the first month’s payment come out of my bank? +



Equipment & Facilities


Are there lockers? +


Do you provide parking at allGym? +


Will I be shown how to use the equipment? +


Are there changing facilities and showers in allGym? +


Do you have sunbeds and when can I use them? +



My First Visit

How do I get to allGym? +


I entered my PIN but the turnstile won’t open. What should I do? +


What if I need help while I’m in allGym? +


If I am disabled, will I have problems getting into allGym? +


I am under 18, what do I need to do to access the gym? +



Being a Member of allGym

Do you have a lost property area? +


What is a PIN Number? +


I’ve forgotten my PIN number; how can I retrieve it? +


Can I change my PIN number? +


Can I share or give my PIN number to somebody else to use? +


What does freezing my membership mean? +


How do I unfreeze my membership? +


How much does it cost to freeze my membership? +


How can I cancel my membership? +


What benefits will I get if I refer a friend? +



Free Wi-Fi

How do I access the free WiFi for members? +


Is there a time limit on how long I can stay online? +


What do I do if I have a problem with the WiFi? +

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